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Hello Neighbor APK: Can You Outsmart Your Neighbor's Traps and Puzzles?

This is a game about Tricky Neighbors. In the Hello Neighbor game, you are the resident who has just moved here. When you excitedly packed the house, ready to start their own new life, but found a very strange thing - your neighbor is simply a pervert.

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Even more strange is that when you are ready to visit your neighbor, his reaction was surprisingly intense. He did not even allow you to get near his house. Once you find that you are approaching, he will rush over like a madman and teach you fiercely. His appearance is horrible.

After a few days of dark observation, you found something weirder. So many days, in addition to your fierce neighbor neighbors, you have not seen the house there are other people's activities. But you have clearly heard the voice of women and children came out of the house, and seems to be crying? Oh dear, what is he doing? Domestic violence performer? Pervert Killer? Or terrorist?

To see such a strange situation, you as the protagonist of this game, like many protagonists in the film and television drama, games and literary works, decided to come forward, ready to reveal the true face of this perverted neighbor to see his house in the end Hidden any secret.

After the game is launched you want to hide and seek in the neighbor's house with him, to explore the house without his discovery, to find the way to enter the final "mystery room", uncover the secrets behind the neighbors.

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Although his opponent has only one neighbor, he is very alert when patrolling inside and outside the room and will quickly move with a little movement. When the neighbors come in close proximity, they will have special effect and picture performance. At this point, the game is very Good, very oppressive. And you need to make reasonable use of the items in your room to make forward strategies such as hunting in cabinets or bed neighbors to avoid neighbors or picking up something to break a window or switching off a gate, The neighbors are drawn to other places, or use the sound to seduce the neighbors, let him step on his own set of trap shelves. A large part of the game can interact with items, plates, bottles, trash or something.

However, I have no choice but to say that although the neighbors looked like a pervert, it seems that as a "just moved to break the gate, smashing people windows, secretly sneak into someone else's home, rummaging over, messing with things at home" Eligibility to say the neighbor is perverted ......

As the exploration unfolds, the entire room appears to be getting weaker and quieter. The first is the size of the room, starting last year, the game gradually released four test versions, with each update, the neighbors' houses open to explore more and more content, but according to the panorama of the house speculation, The content of the test version of the proportion should be only a small part.

The design and hint of the content made the game a lot of players' attention from the very outset of the announcement and many interesting things were uncovered from inside and outside the game. For example, everyone is the most curious, we built a house with such a huge and varied, and abnormal behavior of the neighbors in the end what is it?

The identity of the neighbors is just one of the holes digged by the game writer, and there are many more puzzling things in the beta. For example, roller coaster tracks and trains that are not yet explored, and amusement places in many amusement parks in the room seem to have something to do with the blind little child. This will certainly be related to the puzzle in the process of the game, but what is the role of the promotion of the story?

Hello Neighbor is a free adventure game for mobile devices developed by tinyBuild. It is a stealth survival title wherein players are tasked with investigating their paranoid neighbor and sneaking into the basement of his house to uncover the secrets he is hiding and explain the reason for his behavior.

In Hello Neighbor, you play Nicky Roth who has recently moved into a house in the suburbs. You notice your next-door neighbor, Mr. Peterson acting strange and paranoid as if he is hiding something in the basement of his house. You decide to investigate things further by sneaking into his house and trying to find out what it is he is desperately attempting to conceal from everyone.

Mod V2 features:MOD, UnlockedHello Neighbor is an exciting game that has taken the gaming world by storm.It is a stealth horror game that has players sneaking around their neighbor's house to uncover the secrets hidden inside.The game has been loved by both casual and hardcore gamers due to its intriguing storyline, challenging gameplay, and impressive graphics.

If you're wondering how many levels Hello Neighbor: Diaries has, you'll have to explore every corner of the house to find out. Your terrifying neighbor is on the loose, and if you make the slightest mistake, you'll fall into his clutches.

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

Most of the action and fighting games have the same gameplay and story line which make the users get really bored in a very short period. If you are someone who finds horror and thrill things interesting then Hello Neighbor Mod APK is a very fun and exciting game which can make the user get lost in the world of horror. This is a game which provides the user with a scary and thrilling experience. The user finds out that his neighbor is not in his right state of mind and he has kidnapped someone.

This is the standard version of this game in which the user will face the scary neighbor. This game has many surprises and twists for the users which make this game interesting and impressive for them. In this game the neighbor of the user is very dangerous and he is like a monster. In this game the user must save the victims of your neighbor. In this there are many features that are free of cost and some of the features are paid that the user can only use those paid features when the user pays for them. The graphics of the game are very realistic that give the real experience of horror.

This game is also available in the modified version. The users can enjoy different free features in the mod version of the game. In the modified version the users can explore the whole house of the neighbor and collect different weapons and evidence that you can use against your neighbor. You can unlock different areas in the modified version. In order to complete the game you have to solve all the puzzles that are given in this game and take all the hands to save the victims. The user must be careful in the house because if he gets you then you can face the danger. The users can download this game from the Google Play Store for free.

This game has many thrilling and scariest things that will make the player of this game have more interest. This game is one of the horror and scariest games that is available on the internet. The storyline of this game is so amazing that this game will remain forever in your memory. You have to fight against your neighbor and rescue the survivors. This game will give the user the exact real experience of horror movies.

The main character has just moved to a pleasant residential area but something is not quite right... There's a strange neighbor that seems to be hiding something in his basement. Our target is quite clear: we'll have to sneak into our neighbor's house without getting caught and discover all his hidden secrets. For such purpose, we'll have to search for every single object necessary to advance and use all sorts of tools capable of opening locked doors, closed windows or knock down walls. All the latter, with plenty of tension, frights, and shocks as we can't forget that we're talking about a horror game, not only an adventure title.

  • Enrich your Hello Neighbor 2 experience with the Deluxe Edtion! Get the chance to meet more neighbors and discover their unique traits, explore new locations, and try out the advanced investigative tools available at your fingertips.Hello Neighbor 2

  • Hello Neighbor 2 - Back to School DLC

  • Hello Neighbor 2 - Late Fees DLC

  • Hello Neighbor 2 - Hello-copter DLC

If you want to try your hand at solving challenging puzzles or challenging your courage when you have to find a way to get rid of the scary neighbor, Hello Neighbor is a perfect choice. It will be suitable for those who love horror games but do not want to be too frightening and scary.

Don't let the cute 3D graphics fool you as Hello Neighbor: Diaries is a horror game. As the protagonist, you have to find Mr. Peterson's son and uncover the secrets behind your strange neighbor. Some people say your neighbor is a serial killer, but is that the truth? The only way to find out is by visiting his house.

If the alert overflows, you will get chased. Then, if you get caught by your neighbor, you will have to restart the game. Use your problem-solving skills as you make your way around the house. You can also set all discovered clues and important items aside in a certain room, in case you will need them for further investigation. Plus, players get exciting rewards for daily log-ins.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries - Check out the most common and frightening rumor about your neighbor by sneaking inside his house and finally finding out if he really is a ruthless killer! Do not be convinced of false facts prematurely, it is better to check everything personally and find the evidence yourself, making your mission a real investigation. During the game you will have to face many challenges, as well as avoid your neighbor by any means, but as a result you will be able to tell everyone else the truth and investigate where the neighbor's son disappeared.

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